Holiday Giving

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Holiday Giving

For many, the holiday season is a time for celebration and fun with loved ones. But for others in Wisconsin, the season can be one of the loneliest times of the year. Do you know just how precious the gift of time can be to someone during the holidays? Here are a few ways you and your family can share the spirit of the holidays with others.

Share A Holiday Dinner – There are many ways to exercise holiday giving by sharing a holiday meal. Many first responders such as Police and Fire will be working while we enjoy our meal with family & friends. Consider making a pan of lasagna or a casserole that you can drop off at the Fire Station, or call in a pizza to be delivered to the local Police Department. Also, remember that this year has been financially devastating to a lot of families so please consider picking up some extra non-perishable items to donate to your local food pantry. If you do not know where to donate try looking up a pantry near you with the food pantry locator on the Ample Harvest website where they have a handy locator where you just plug in your local zipcode.

Connect With Local Organizations – This time of year there are many organizations looking for donations of time, food, clothing, toys, money, and a whole host of other things. Connect with local organizations in Wisconsin that help to feed the hungry or provide warmth & shelter for those out in the cold. Because there are so many in need in Wisconsin and you may be unsure of the best way to help one great place to start is by locating a charity, event, or way of volunteering that is just the right fit for you and your time. You can find a great fit by visiting Volunteer Match where they have lists of ways to give back and many are very flexible.

Make It A Family Affair - With your children home on break for the holidays running around your home potentially making you crazy a good thing to do is family activities. Get your kids out of their heads thinking about what they want for Christmas and get them thinking about holiday giving. Many elderly in community homes don’t any longer have small children making them refrigerator art any longer. Get out the construction paper, glue sticks, and magic makers and get creative! With COVID-19 this year many of the elderly are very lonely as they have not been able to have visitors. Get your kiddos to create some table toppers or window art. Senior Housing‘s website has a finder by zip code lookup tool to help to get you pointed in the right direction. Be sure once again to call ahead and ask if it would be okay for you to drop off your projects.

Call Your Local School District – This time of year many school-age children are selling all kinds of great things such as fruit, wrapping paper, and even water-softener salt as fundraisers for different organizations. Call your local school and let them know you are looking into Holiday Giving and would like to know what programs are available and how you can help.

Don’t Forget Those Who Serve In The Military – Remember, there are so many men and women that are still deployed and unable to be home with their families for the holidays. These brave men and women deserve a little holiday cheer! One great way to give back to those who serve is through a non-for-profit called “Miss Sawyer’s Kids With A Cause”. This young 11 years old started this non-profit organization when she was just 7 years old and her brother Kyler went into the Marines. Knowing that our military has sacrificed so much for us we owe them a debt of gratitude for their service. Miss Sawyer sells holiday stockings that are sent to either a military member of your choice such as a friend, family member, or someone you may not even know. She also takes donations for postage and materials which the stockings delivered to them wherever they are in the world. Each stocking is embellished with the name of the military member it is going to and chock full of homemade goodies, Black Rifle Coffee, Strike Force Energy Drink mixes, and even playing cards! Not only does the stocking help the military members but both Black Rifle Coffee and Strike Force Energy Drinks are both former military member-owned! Read Sawyer’s story of Holiday Giving & all of her other projects throughout the year,  it is a holiday gift of its own!

As you can see there are so many ways to give back this time of year with a little Holiday Giving!

Wishing You & Your Family A Healthy & Happy Holiday Season 

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